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A website is of no use if there are no viewers to it. You cannot generate income from a website until people visit your site. Earlier it was easy to attract viewers, but now with Search engines enhancing their algorithms and users becoming techno savvy, it can become difficult task. Optimizing your website by utilizing basic SEO techniques can enhance quality traffic flow.

Every Attorney must ensure that his/her website is Search Engine Friendly and is accessible to users who are searching for their legal services on popular search engines.

There are some basic tips which will help you optimize your website better. Following are some of the tips which will help your website rank higher on search engines.

1. Ensure search engines access the content

The simplest way is to use a tool like Feed the Bot to see if search engines to notice your website. If it shows blank then it means that the content is blocked as it has badly configured robots txt file or built the website in Flash or used video text.
Text content is the best, and they should be used as an alternative to images, video, and flash content where possible.

2. Check tags
Meta tags are not very important but do provide information about search engine. The most essential part is the title tag that should contain one or two keywords or phrases. The best is to have six or seven very particular pages than one or two general information pages.

3. Check the content

Keywords and phrases must appear within the content of the page. If you want to highlight these phrases then use them in titles, section headings and display in bold. Use keyword density tool so that too many keywords are avoided.

4. Internal Links
The website should be easily navigated with all pages linked together with keywords. Try to include internal links within the content along with a navigation bar. In addition, create a site map which gets updated automatically. Majority of the CMS systems like Wordpress have plug-ins which create search friendly site maps.

5. Backlinks
Once the website is clean and search engine friendly then it gets easily noticed. There are no quick and easy ways to build Backlinks.

6. Continue to Update
The websites which are updated frequently rank better than static ones. By constantly providing new pages, adding blogs or posting relevant news bulletins you can keep the website fresh and current.

7. Calculate and record.
Each time you make a change in the content measure its performance. Sign up to Google Analytics, track from where the traffic is originating, and know what people are actually searching for to find the website. This could help in finding out what works and what does not and is the easiest way to learn SEO.



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